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Er. Prakash Jain

Mr. Prakash Jain has an impressive 40 years of experience in his field. His journey started by working as an employee for 8 years before venturing into his own business in 1990. At first, he started by renting a shop, but in 1992 he took the bold step of purchasing his own shop. His first project came from a society, where he was entrusted with the task of working on a single phase motor. This made him incredibly happy and motivated to work even harder.

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Prakash Jain and his wife worked tirelessly, with his wife specializing in fan winding. Prakash Jain used to travel on his scooter, visiting various industries and connecting with professionals. During one of his visits, he met an experienced worker named Balan with 15 years of experience. This connection proved to be fruitful as he started receiving projects from renowned companies like Cipla Limited and German Remedies.

Key to success


As Mr. Prakash Jain's reputation and expertise grew, he decided to obtain an electrical contractor license. After a year of hard work, he achieved 'E' class registration, followed by 'C', 'B', and currently has an 'A' class registration. This is a testament to his dedication, skills, and unwavering commitment to his profession.

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Our company Infrastructure

At the below mentioned address, we have a factory with 5000 sq.ft area EOT crane with a capacity of 5 tons for handling, loading, & unloading large machines safely. HT Motors of any capacity can be repaired & overhauled on site using our full fledged facility (including tools & tackles).

Plot No 86 Panvel Industrial Estate, Mumbai - Pune Expy, Old Panvel, Panvel, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 410206, contact@spelect.com |+91 9324725207

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